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What is DragStat?

DragStat software is the most advanced easy to use electronic drag racing log book and ET prediction software available to the sportsman racer. Your crew chief will enjoy DragStat software's ability to keep track of all of your racing statistics, weather conditions, car setup parameters, maintenance items and more.

DragStat software will improve your racing results by helping you predict your car's performance based on your previous runs and the current weather and track conditions. The software can help you see trends in your car's performance, and how those trends correspond to varing track and weather conditions. 

  • No more sifting through paper log books looking for run data.
  • No more calculating run segment times by hand.
  • No more guessing at dial-in predictions and throttle stop settings.

Predict ET and Throttle Stop
Get live, up to the minute, weather updates and ET predictions. Run data and predictions are graphed to give you a visual representation so that you can quickly identify bad runs.

Weather Station Compatible
DragStat software is compatible with several popular weather stations and can log weather data automatically. Get up to the minute weather updates and watch your prediction change with changes in the weather conditions.

Paging Support
DragStat software also supports several paging systems. Whether you have a separate paging transmitter or a weather station with paging capability, DragStat can send the current weather information and the DragStat prediction to your pager.

Text/Email Messaging
Current weather and prediction information can now be sent directly to your cell phone. This feature works with or without the paging capability of your weather station.

Dashboard Page
The Dashboard is the home page of DragStat and is a useful tool in summarizing the data in your log book.

The Dashboard page displays current weather conditions, a summary of your log book, the last saved predictions, driver statistics and maintenance reminders.

DragStat Basic Edition
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DragStat Advanced Edition
Works with trailer based weather stations, live predictions and paging enabled.


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