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DragStat is available in two editions; Basic and Advanced. See the information below to find out more about each edition, and which one is the best one for you.

Basic Edition
The Basic Edition contains the following features.

  • Log and track runs, weather, car setup data, tracks, and events.
  • Predict ET and throttle stop based on previous runs and weather conditions.
  • Visually select runs to use for predictions.
  • Calculates weather parameters including Density Altitude, Dew Point, HCF, and Effective Wind and more.
  • Predict incomplete runs (run completion).
  • Run Comparison™ feature (log book view).
  • Print or export run data.
  • Track race car maintenance items and view reminders.
  • Log weather data manually for each run.
  • Manually enter current weather conditions on prediction screens.
  • Track runs and predict ET and throttle stop for multiple cars.
  • Run split time analysis.
  • Sort and filter run data based on any criteria.
  • Build and edit multiple views.

Advanced Edition
The Advanced Edition contains all of the features of the Basic Edition plus the following crew chief friendly features.

  • Ability to connect to trailer based weather stations.
  • Automatic entry of stored weather station values into run data based on date/time.
  • Transmit live weather and prediction data via a pager (requires paging transmitter).
  • Transmit live weather and prediction data via text message or e-mail (requires an Internet connection).
  • Integration with Timeslip Simulator (requires separate simulator subscription).

DragStat Basic Edition
Take control of your data.


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DragStat Advanced Edition
Works with trailer based weather stations, live predictions and paging enabled.


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