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Version History

DragStat 2024
If upgrading from DragStat 2019 you must purchase an upgraded license key for all DragStat 2024 versions. Older versions are no longer supported.
Visit the Upgrade page to buy the upgrade or contact sales@dragstat.com for h for help in choosing the correct upgrade.

Version 2.0 Revision 4
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed lock up problem while saving when there are no changes.
  • Fixed Save Run button enablement when there are no changes to the run.
  • Fixed run count not resetting when servicing an item that had been previously removed from service.
  • Fixed problem of new runs not showing up in the listing when a filter contains a calculated weather parameter.
  • Disabled scrolling the prediction chart with the scroll wheel.
  • Fixed problem of the Tempest weather station not reporting an error if the weather data stops flowing.
  • DragStat now tries to reconnect to the weather station on a communication failure automatically.
Version 2.0 Revision 3
New Features
  • Added ability to reset the prediction chart scale values if not auto scaled.
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed license text not showing in the about page.
  • Extended the built-in filters for weekend runs to include Monday-Sunday.
  • Fixed error image showing up on the restore dialog when there is no error.
  • Fixed stack overflow when clearing prediction chart min max values.
  • Fixed locking up problem when Davis Weather station is on a different port than what is configured.
Version 2.0 Revision 2
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed cascade of exceptions when switching to the Events page after adding an event at the run entry page and saving the run.
Version 2.0 Revision 1
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed typo in the Nitrous setup tab.
  • Fix issue where random race result and opponent info would be the default when creating a new run.
Version 2.0
New Features
  • Completely new web-based user interface.
  • New Dashboard page summerizing the current weather, predictions, dirver stats and more.
  • 60 ft estimation on the prediction page.
  • Addition of wind profiles to be used for predictions.
  • Graphical wind profile editor.
  • Easier to read and larger prediction numbers.
  • Customizable prediction chart colors and scale.
  • Show the prediction point on the prediction chart.
  • Create multiple prediction tabs in the same window plus ability to "tear off" tabs into separate windows.
  • Ability to add a vehicle image for each vehicle.
  • Prebuilt wind proifiles including junior dragsters and motorcycles.
  • Log book view on run listing.
  • Improved easier to use track, event, and vehicle editors
  • Improved filter and view editors.
  • Easier to read toolbar buttons.
  • Improved tooltip popups throughout.
  • Improved weather tracker with live weather page and ability to "tear off" into a separate window.
  • Improved weather tracker graph with zoom and pan ability.
  • Faster saves.
  • Added split times to run entry page.
  • Added ability to choose average wind in run entry.
  • No decimal points when entering time slip data on run entry.
  • Improved date/time selector in run entry.
  • Improved field organization in run entry page.
  • Added run package and over/under fields to run entry.
  • Improved run completion page with additional run completion method.
  • Supports custom colors and dark mode.
DragStat 2019

Version 1.7
New Features
  • Added support for WeatherFlow Tempest Weather Station.
Version 1.6 Revision 3
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed error and shutdown problem when creating a new run and the previous run has an empty string in the log file name field.
  • Fixed issue when using a Computech Weather Station of not setting the average wind values.
  • Fixed problem of Altronics Performaire Pro non-paging weather stations not showing the wind.
Version 1.6 Revision 2
New Features
  • Added Fuel Pressure field to the Nitrous Stage Car Setup dialog.
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed multiple Run Predictors not paging when using Altronics PWC and PA Pro weather stations.
  • Increased wait time between page messages when using multiple Run Predictors and the AltaLab weather station.
Version 1.6 Revison 1
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed problem of losing options when upgrading to
Version 1.6
New Features
  • Added support for AltaLab ACom 4x and 4xR weather stations.
  • Added sortable columns to the weather tracker window.
Fixed Issues
  • DragStat is shutting down message after closing the Options dialog.
  • Infinity value in the Weather Tracker causes a shutdown message.
  • Wind correction angle not accounted for properly when accepting new weather readings.
  • Davis USB mode causes lockup and stops reading current weather. Removed Davis USB mode.
  • Filters, Views, and application properties are not always included in the backup.
Version 1.5 Revision 2
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed problem of missing page messages when paging 3 or more run predictions
Version 1.5 Revision 1
Fixed Issues
  • Unable to open log book after upgrading to version 1.5 if no custom filters where previously created.
Version 1.5
New Features
  • Added backup and restore functionality.
  • Added one run prediction to ET based predictions.
  • The car drop down is preselected when adding a new run.
Fixed Issues
  • Unable to delete when only one run is selected.
  • Error when comparing the chronological first run when it is not the first run entered in the log book.
  • Unhandled exception when opening a run where the log file name was cleared.
  • Unable to select prediction mode for 1/8 mile car in run predictor.
  • Prediction graphs and predictions not clearing if the run list becomes empty from a different filter or car selection.
Version 1.4
New Features
  • Added Run Comparison™ feature. Any set of runs can be added to the Run Comparison. New runs can be added automatically and runs can be removed.
  • Added prediction mode selector to the Run Predictor. This allows 1/4 mile runs to be used for 1/8 mile prediction scenarios. Run Completion also detects the distance properly to provide the correct ET estimation.
  • Added support for Davis Vantage Pro2 USB connections.
  • Added Car Selector to the Main window. This eliminates the need to add car filters and adds consistent usability with the Run Predictor.
  • Run Predictor's selected runs, prediction mode and wind prediction mode is now saved automatically along with the other Run Predictor state.
  • Added a link field for the data log file. After pointing the Run to the correct data log file, the link can be clicked to open the data log file.
  • Added Dew Point the calculated weather parameters on the Run Entry window and the Run Predictor. Dew Point can also be added to Views and Filters.
  • Added support for Witop paging transmitter and wrist pager.
  • Added support for Altalab Instruments Acom 4x weather station.
Fixed Issues
  • Added missing 1/8 mile ET field selection to Views and Filters.
  • Fixed intermittent No Weather Data pages when using a Davis Weather Station.
DragStat 2017

Version 1.3 revision 2 is the last free upgrade for DragStat 2017. For future upgrades you must purchase the latest version.

Version 1.3 Revision 2
New Features
  • Added support for Computech RaceAir Cloud weather stations.
  • List of weather stations is now sorted alphabetically.
  • The installation is now certified so as not to warn users about a dangerous/unknown program.
Fixed Issues
  • Text/email messages now continue to send if there was a timeout on the mail server connection.
  • Default wind factors are now set correctly in the new logbook wizard.
Version 1.3
New Features
  • Added support for Computech RaceAir Remote and paging weather stations.
  • Added Prediction Name text box for the Run Predictor window.
  • Added fields for car type and number to the Cars and the Elimination Results window for use with the Time Slip Simulator.
  • Automatically populate the wind factors when adding a new car record.
  • Added support for TAP compatible paging transmitter (Gold Apollo).
  • Improved text messaging to work with more email systems like Gmail and Yahoo mail.
Fixed Issues
  • Errors when text messaging to Gmail and Yahoo accounts.
Version 1.2 Revision 1

New Features
  • Added support for Altronics PerformAIRE PC weather station.
  • Added support for Altronics PerformAIRE PC paging transmitter.
Version 1.2

New Features
  • Added integration support for the Time Slip Simulator.

DragStat 2012

Version 1.1 revision 4 is the last free upgrade available for DragStat 2012. For future upgrades you must purchase the latest vewrsion.

Version: 1.1 Revision 4
Fixed Issues
  • Increased timeout time for Altronics weather stations.
Version: 1.1 Revision 3

Fixed Issues
  • Increased field size of date fields throughout to fix cut off problems.
  • Fixed crashing problem when opening up Prediction window if weather station is not found.
Version: 1.1 Revision 2

Fixed Issues
  • Improved speed of saving run records by not recalculating fields on every record.
  • Fixed car setup problems when changing car attributes and seeing those changes reflected on new run records.
Version: 1.1 Revision 1

Fixed Issues
  • Fixed broken car setup comparator on the run predictor screen.
Version: 1.1

If you are upgrading from version 1.0 you will receive a license required screen upon installing this version. If you receive this message, contact support@dragstat.com.

What's New
  • Added text messaging
  • Added induction setup tabs (i.e. EFI, Dual Carbs, Nitrous)
  • Allow run completed runs in predictions
  • Added wind to run completion
  • Added create logbook wizard
  • Highlighted prediction text box
  • Persist the wind check box in prediction runs file
  • Added opponent info and analysis
  • Added absolute humidity (water grains)
  • All new icons
  • Added calculator menu item
  • Added track direction field
  • Added setup/log file fields to engine, chassis and run data
  • Automatically create common categories in new log books
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed unhandled error when editing the All Run filter
  • Enlarged date fields for Windows 7 PCs to avoid getting cutoff
  • Improved speed of saving run records by not recalculating fields on every record