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Weather Station Accessories


Replacement Wind Anemometer  $249

Newly designed anemometer that interfaces with the Alta and AltaCom II weather station. It features superior wind speed resolution and low threshold in an all-digital magnetically-actuated package. The Pro Anemometer plugs directly into the Remote Sensor Housing for simple setup. Sealed bearings stay clean, and large cups provide accuracy at slow wind speeds.


Altronics Performaire Pro bulkhead connector  $25

Bulkhead connector assembly to facilitate remote sensor assembly. Allows for plugging cable into jack on side of trailer, in lieu of running cable through doorway or window.


Permanent Mount Antenna   $80

Mount antenna cable permanently and simply screw in 3 db gain whip to set up. 15' low loss cable and BNC connector attached.


Alpha-Numeric Pager  $125

This durable pager has excellent reception at the track. It's easy to read and use. Features include a large screen, backlight, and holster.

  • 400-499 MHz, POCSAG (Please inform us the frequency you need)
  • Alert mode: Sound, vibrate, LED, Silent
  • Large 4 or 8 line display, 3 zoom modes
  • Out of range, low battery, repeat message, unread message indicator


Additional PerformAIRE Pager  $249

This durable pager has excellent reception at the track. It's easy to read and use. Features include a backlight, holster with protective LCD cover, message storage and message locking features.


12V DC Power Adapter for Altronics Performaire Pro $35

This 12V DC Power Adapter allows you to power your weather station with 110V AC power. The weather station only comes with a 12V cable to connect to a battery. This adapter is a necessary accessory for use with 110V AC power.


USB to Serial Port Adapter $25

This USB to Serial Adapter allows your weather station to communicate via your PC's USB port. Comes with complete instructions and a driver on CD. Compatible with Windows 7 through 10.

Rubber Mounts

Weather Station Pole Mounts  $8

Perfect for mounting your weather station pole to the side of your trailer. These feature a quick connect mechanism, are made of heavy duty transportation grade rubber, are not affected by hot or cold climates, and they are UV resistant.

Buy two sets so that you can secure your weather station pole inside the trailer during transport.

A full line of these rubber clamps can be found at QuickFistClamps.com.